How to Remove Wall Decals

How to remove wall decals

41 Orchard wall decals are designed to be easily removed without damaging your wall. When it’s time to remove your decals, applying these few tips will help you achieve the best possible result. Results can vary depending on how long your decals have been stuck down and also the texture and existing condition of your wall surface.

First of all, test the wall decal by lifting a corner with your fingernail and slowly pulling back to see how stuck it is. In most cases, wall decals will come away quite easily without any issues at all. Pull or roll the decal back on itself like it’s being folded back. Don’t pull the decal out from the wall at 90 degrees as this will put the most amount of pressure on the paint. If you notice significant resistance when removing, you can try adding heat with a hair dryer on a low setting. Slowly heat a corner, then continue applying heat while peeling until the whole decal comes away. Decals are easiest to remove in warm weather.

Our wall decals are not reusable, you might be able to try but the result is not guaranteed. If your paintwork has been done professional and walls have been prepared correctly, it is highly unlikely that our decals will cause any damage to your wall. There are two factors that can potentially cause damage when removing decals. If your wall has any existing flakey paint then adding any kind of adhesive is going to cause further damage. A poor paint job that is thin, or has not been undercoated properly, will mean your paint surface has an existing weak condition that could be aggravated by the adhesive.

After removing your wall decals, you may wish to wipe over your entire wall to freshen it up.

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