How Many Wall Decals Will I Need?

How many wall decals will I need

Deciding how many wall decals you will need to purchase really depends on how big the area you going to cover is and how far apart you want to space the decals. We highly recommend planning these two things before purchasing to make sure you get the right amount first time and don’t have to order extra later.

Decide if you are going to cover an entire wall with a pattern or if you are going to have small clusters of decals placed around your room. Both can look very effective and you can see examples of both options by browsing our website. If you are applying random clusters of decals, you can space them out to make a single pack go a long way! If you are covering a whole wall in pattern, read of this article on how to evenly space wall decals in a pattern to help you work out how many you will need before purchasing.

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