How to Apply Wall Decals

How to apply wall decals

Applying wall decals is a fairly straight forward process, here are a few pro tips to get you the best result in your home.

Prepare the surface
Preparation is very important when applying decals, it can be the success or failure of your project. Make sure your wall surface is free from dust, clean and dry. If your wall is freshly painted, we recommend waiting 3-4 weeks to allow the paint enough time to fully cure. During the curing process, elements from the paint can be released that may interfere with the adhesive on the decals.

Some paints contain silicone or teflon that is designed to repel dirt and adhesive, unfortunately this can prevent decals from sticking properly. Paints that should be avoided are ‘Wash and Wear’ or ‘Low VOC’. Decals need a smooth surface to adhere correctly, even a slight texture can prevent the decals from getting a good stick down. Textured surfaces such as brick, rendered concrete or textured paint can prevent decals from adhering properly.

Plan your placement
Plan out where you want to stick your decals. You can create some great random placements. Casual placement next to other wall art or decor will give a creative and playful look especially with multicoloured decals. Another idea is to create a feature wall by covering an entire wall with a decal pattern. This will give a look similar to that of wallpaper, our article on how to evenly space wall decals in a pattern will help you achieve this. Knowing where you are going to stick your decals will save you from making a mistake and avoid potential damage when trying to move them. There are lots of images on our website that can give you ideas on how to arrange your decals.

Peel and stick
Slowly lift each decal from the sheet and apply to your wall, be very careful to avoid tearing or creasing the decal. The adhesive is pressure activated so you will be able to lightly hold the decal against your surface and move it around until it’s in the exact spot that you want. Try to get them level, stand back and make sure you’re happy with the placement.

Once the decal is in the position that you want, rub firmly all over it to smooth down and activate the adhesive. Use a clean hand or cloth, rub from the centre and push outwards to remove any air pockets or bubbles. Make sure you have rubbed hard all over the decal especially around the edges, this will activate the adhesive and remove any trapped air.

Stand back, admire your work and snap a pic for Instagram. We love to see how our wall art is being used, please share your work with us on social media. @41orchard or #41orchard

When its time to change your wall decor, you may find this article on how to remove wall decals helpful.

TIP: Toddlers are less likely to try peeling decals off the wall if they don’t see you putting them up.
WARNING: Decals are not a toy and may present a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children under 3.

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