Personalised Wall Stickers

Personalised Wall Stickers & Names

Why not display your child’s name or initial on their wall, Personalised Wall Stickers are the easiest way to do this. Forget all the work and mess or painting on a stencil, a removable wall sticker is a great option. Choose a colour and design that will match the style of your nursery or kids room. A Personalised Name Wall Sticker looks great when positioned above a piece of furniture like a cot or bed.

Lot’s of colour options for each design

  • Heart-Name-3

    Heart Name

  • Plaque-Name-Wall-Decal-7

    Plaque Name

  • Name-Car

    Car Name

  • apple-wall-sticker

    Apple Initial

  • Bird-initial-wall

    Circle Bird Monogram

  • Name-plaque-Wall

    Plaque Initial

  • Name-circles-Wall

    Circle Name

    From: $10
  • Circle-Initial-1

    Circle Monogram

    From: $25
  • Wall-Shot-555

    Heart Name

  • Whale-Wall-Sticker

    Whale Name

  • Balloon-Wall-Sticker-1

    Hot Air Balloon Name

  • Girls-Name-Wall-Sticker-1

    Initial Name

  • Boys-Name-Wall-Sticker-1

    Plane Name

  • Name-Wall-Sticker-2

    Leaning Giraffe Name